Change a site’s admin e-mail address within WordPress

A common setting that is frequently overlooked when deploying a web site is the primary admin e-mail address.  This setting is located on the Settings -> General area of the WordPress admin.  This setting is not tied to any specific … Continued

Windows batch file for getting the latest WordPress core files

I wrote this small batch file to simplify the initial WordPress core files download.  Basically this batch file does the following: Uses wget to download the latest version of WordPress. ( Unzips the .tar.gz and .tar to a /wordpress subdirectory … Continued

Move Gravity Forms jQuery calls to footer

Gravity Forms by default will write an inline JavaScript call to jQuery on every form you add to a page.  This will throw an error if you’re loading jQuery in the footer of your site (which you should be doing). … Continued

Transients won’t show up? Check for duplicates!

If you’ve found that particular transients simply will not display in your theme yet they aren’t throwing an error?  Check your database for duplicate entries.  It is possible when moving a site between servers for a transients to become duplicated … Continued