List variation SKUs within the WooCommerce product edit screen

This snippet will replace the existing post ID displayed in the WooCommerce product edit screen with the variation’s SKU if one exists. Often times the variation SKU is far more useful to an admin than the internal WordPress post ID so having it displayed on the edit screen makes the administration process much easier.



jQuery( document ).ready( function() {
	jQuery( '#woocommerce-product-data' ).on( 'woocommerce_variations_loaded', function() {
		var $panels = jQuery( this ).find( '.woocommerce_variation' );

		$panels.each( function() {
			var sku = jQuery( this ).find( '.sku input' ).val();
			if ( sku ) {
				jQuery( this ).find( 'h3 > strong' ).text( 'SKU: ' + sku );
		} );
	} );
} );