This snippet will replace the existing post ID displayed in the WooCommerce product edit screen with the variation’s SKU if one exists. Often times the variation SKU is far more useful to an admin than the internal WordPress post ID so having it displayed on the edit screen makes the administration process much easier.   […]

Knockout.js Extenders: Grouped

I wrote this extender to more easily handle outputting observable arrays in row+column layout.  Typically, when running a simple foreach loop to display the content of an observable array you’re forced to include the row+column logic within the view itself or you have to write additional helper functions in the view model.  I ran in […]

In previous versions of Bootstrap it was a one-step process to localize it to a container element. This would allow you to use Bootstrap within the WordPress admin and not affect the rest of the built-in WordPress styles. After version 3 of Bootstrap this method no longer works as Bootstrap started using more descendant selectors […]