Add ACF fields to product attributes in WooCommerce

For a client’s site we wanted to add some ACF fields to the Edit Term page for global attributes. If the attribute list were fixed, this would be a simple task of targeting the specific taxonomies in the field group’s location parameter. … Continued

Customize ACF WYSIWYG Input Styles

Often times, a design will call for separate areas within a page to have their own unique styles applied to them. Whether it’s a different background color, font size, or available space, editing those areas can be frustrating when the … Continued

Knockout.js Extenders: Grouped

I wrote this extender to more easily handle outputting observable arrays in row+column layout.  Typically, when running a simple foreach loop to display the content of an observable array you’re forced to include the row+column logic within the view itself … Continued

Use Bootstrap 3+ styles within the WordPress admin

In previous versions of Bootstrap it was a one-step process to localize it to a container element. This would allow you to use Bootstrap within the WordPress admin and not affect the rest of the built-in WordPress styles. After version … Continued

Clean WordPress nav walker class

This walker class will generate a clean unordered list. It removes the numerous classes added to each list item by the default WordPress but will keep any custom classes that have been added directly via the menus admin.

Beginner’s Guide: Installing WP-CLI with AMPPS

This is a step by step tutorial on how I was able to get WP-CLI up and running on Mavericks with AMPPS.  The biggest issue that you will typically face when installing WP-CLI along side a web host software stack … Continued