Force new URL for WordPress blogs

Insert this into your wp-config.php file to force a new URL on a WordPress blog: Very useful for the initial move before being able to hop in to the database and correctly update everything.

Sort Select Results by Arbitrary Values

SELECT ColumnOne, ColumnTwo, ColumnThree FROM Table ORDER BY CASE ColumnTwo WHEN ‘miny’ 1 WHEN ‘meeny’ 2 WHEN ‘eeny’ 3 WHEN ‘moe’ 4 END, ColumnThree

Update: CSS3 Pie still pretty rough

After attempting to use the CSS3 Pie method for achieving some CSS3 support in IE browsers I’ve unfortunately come to the conclusion that it is still far too buggy for any kind of use other than for testing or demonstrations.  … Continued

Google News style floating sidebar

I noticed a subtle but nice feature on the Google News main page recently.  The left-hand navigation that has the various section headings remains fixed to the top left area as you scroll down but it does not overlap the … Continued

Use CSS3 PIE for enabling CSS3 in IE

I recently ran across this Internet Explorer CSS3 workaround that uses a HTC file to solve the majority of my CSS3 woes when it comes to developing cross-browser layouts.  Rounded corners, drop shadows, gradients, rgba, multiple backgrounds and even PNG … Continued

Read the Agreement Validator

Recently a client wanted to have a user agreement added to an enrollment form. The catch was that I needed to confirm that the user had at least scrolled through the text before allowing them to continue on with the … Continued